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A Feminist Foreign Policy prioritises feminist understandings of security over militarised conceptions of state security. It strives for more than the mere absence of violent conflict, inter-state or otherwise.

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Build Back Better for Everyone – a Feminist Perspective on the Reconstruction and Recovery of Ukraine

Russia's war in Ukraine primarily affects Ukrainians who are defending their lives and freedom. While the war is ongoing and it is, unfortunately, impossible to foresee when it will be over, international discussions on recovery responses to Russia’s full-scale invasion in Ukraine have already been ongoing since 2022.

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Security for Whom? The humanitarian and ecological consequences of nuclear weapons

For decades, nuclear weapons have been perpetually inflicting catastrophic harm on (marginalised) communities and the environment across the world. At times when nuclear-armed states are modernising their arsenals, and disarmament seems out of reach, it is fundamentally important to highlight the humanitarian and ecological impact of nuclear weapons use, production, and testing - to remind us of what really keeps us safe.

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Including LGBTQI* Voices and Perspectives in Women, Peace, and Security

LGBTQI* individuals and communities continue to be excluded from WPS research, policy development, and programming.

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Anti-Feminism and anti-democratic developments

The perpetual marginalisation of women and LGBTQI+ people is an essential part of authoritarian and democratic backsliding regimes, and serves a range of different purposes: from legitimising restrictions on freedom of expression, freedom of the press, and civil society engagement, to building national and international alliances, and rationalising war and violent conflict.

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Key Resources

Feminist Perspectives on the Militarisation of Cyberspace

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AT THE CENTRE: Afghan Women Experts’ Policy Demands

For the last 18 months, CFFP has been guided by and working with a steering committee of Afghan women experts and human rights activists, with the goal of ensuring that…

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A Feminist Take on Nuclear Weapons in Germany – CFFP x ICAN

With the Russian invasion of Ukraine, the discussion around nuclear weapons has reached a new high. At the same time, more and more states are open to a Feminist Foreign…

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Briefing: Germany on the Security Council: Recommendations for a Feminist Foreign and Security Policy

Together Centre for International Peace Operations (ZIF) and CFFP Germany have developed 10 recommendations for a feminist and human security-based foreign policy for Germany’s upcoming term on the United Nations…

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Briefing: The ‘Women, Peace, and Security’ Agenda: Implementation Matters

17 German NGOs published this policy brief ahead of the Third National Action Plans on the implementation of UN Security Council resolution 1325 on Women, Peace, and Security.

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Briefing: Why the International Arms Trade is a Feminist Issue – and What Germany Can Do About It

By explicitly referencing the Arms Trade Treaty, the Women, Peace and Security (WPS) Agenda re-confirms its link with the arms (export) control and disarmament agenda. However, Germany’s increasing commitment to…

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How the Next German Government Can Support the Treaty on the Prohibition of Nuclear Weapons

On January 22, 2021, the Treaty on the Prohibition of Nuclear Weapons (TPNW) entered into force. The legally-binding, multilateral treaty prohibits the development, production, possession, stockpiling, testing, and use of…

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Exporting Violence and Inequality Report

What is the link between gender-based violence and German arms exports? In this study, commissioned by

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How Militarised is Germany’s Foreign Policy?

Internationally, Germany enjoys a reputation of military restraint. This policy brief argues that this reputation is increasingly detached from reality. By providing an analysis of Germany’s foreign and security policy…

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Upcoming & Past Events

From theory to action: the climate crisis from a Feminist Foreign Policy angle

Watch the event here   A note on feminism, Feminist Foreign Policy and the Climate Crisis As with every crisis, it is the most marginalised people whose livelihood and security…

1. December 2023 @ 18:00 - 18:30
US nuclear weapons test at Bikini in 1946. Creator: US Government. This image is licensed under Creative Commons License

The Future of Nuclear Disarmament: Is Global Zero Still Possible?

Amidst Russia’s war in Ukraine and the willingness of governments to increase military spending also for their nuclear arsenals, discussions around nuclear weapons as security guarantors are gaining momentum: Since…

10. October 2023 @ 18:00 - 20:00

Webinar: Afghan Women Experts’ Policy Demands

Save the date! We re very excited to invite you to the online event. For the last year, CFFP has been guided by and working with a steering committee of…

29. March 2023 @ 15:00 - 16:00

Munich Security Conference Breakfast Discussion – War, Oppression, and Strongmen: Rethinking the Role of Anti-Feminism in Autocratic Regimes

We are delighted to invite you to our Breakfast Discussion on "War, Oppression, and Strongmen: Rethinking the Role of Anti-Feminism in Autocratic Regimes" on Sunday 19th February, from 7.30 to…

19. February 2023 @ 7:30 - 9:00
CFFP Webinar & Policy Briefing Launch: A feminist take on nuclear weapons in Germany. The Webinar will happen on January 18th 2023 from 5.00 pm to 6.30 pm CET. This is a collaboration between ICAN and the Centre for Feminist Foreign Policy.


CFFP Webinar and Brief Launch An estimated 20 US nuclear warheads remain at Büchel Air base in Germany. Hopes have been high among feminist civil society that with the new…

18. January 2023 @ 17:00 - 18:30

Banning the Bomb, Smashing the Patriarchy: An Evening With Ray Acheson and Their New Book

Ray Acheson, spoke to Co-Founder and CFFP Germany Co-Executive Director, Kristina Lunz, about their brilliant new book ‘Banning the Bomb, Smashing the Patriarchy’, published on the 6th of June by…

1. July 2021 @ 17:00

Survival and Activism under Occupation

Along with ICAN and the LSE Centre for Women, Peace and Security, CFFP co-hosted the fifth session of the

29. June 2021 @ 17:00

Predatory States and Ungoverned Spaces: Who Assumes the Responsibility to Protect?

Along with ICAN and the LSE Centre for Women, Peace and Security, CFFP co-hosted the fourth session of the "Coming of Age of the Women, Peace and Security Agenda" series,…

29. April 2021 @ 17:00
Brought to you by LSE, the Centre for Women, Peace and Security, ICAN and CFFP; the online event "Elite Bargains and Political Expendiency: SAcrificing Women's Lives in the Name of Security" takes place online on 22.03.2021

Elite Bargains and Political Expediency: Sacrificing Women’s Lives in the Name of Security

Along with ICAN and the LSE Centre for Women, Peace and Security, CFFP co-hosted the third session of the

22. March 2021 @ 17:00
LSE, the CEntre for Women, Pease and Security, ICAN and CFFP present 'Talking to Extremists: Gender, Power and Belonging". The Event takes place online on 23.02.2021

Talking to Extremists: Gender, Power and Belonging

Along with ICAN and the LSE Centre for Women, Peace and Security, CFFP hosted the second event of the "Coming of Age of Women Peace and Security, In Conversation" series.…

23. February 2021 @ 17:00
The Event "The European Arms Trade is a Feminist Issue - and What We Can Do About It" takes place online on 10.12.2020

The European Arms Trade is a Feminist Issue – and What We Can Do About It

This online discussion, organised by the Heinrich-Böll-Foundation and the Centre for Feminist Foreign Policy, reflects on why the international arms trade is a feminist issue, debates the tensions between the…

10. December 2020 @ 17:00
The event "Gender, Power, and Arms: The Interlinkages between International Armament, Masculinities, and Discrimination" takes place in Berlin on 24.02.2020

Gender, Power and Arms: The Interlinkages Between International Armament, Masculinities and Discrimination

Fully autonomous weapons are being developed in the context of established norms of gender and power. Norms that over decades have shaped an international security architecture, in which states’ power…

24. February 2020 @ 17:00
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