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At CFFP, we embrace a bold and unwavering approach in expressing our ideas and positions. Our statements are grounded in rigorous research and fueled by our deep passion for education. In order to effectively communicate the truth, we rely on reliable data and evidence.

Our projects and collaborations with other organisations frequently culminate through the publication of the expertise we generate. The dissemination of this knowledge stands as one of our core values, underpinning our commitment to sharing insights and advancing collective understanding.

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Feminist Foreign Policy


Die Leitlinien zur Feministischen Außenpolitik des Auswärtigen Amts Ein Statement aus feministischer Perspektive

June 2023

The CFFP Glossary


Make Foreign Policy Feminist: A Feminist Foreign Policy for Germany


Policy Brief A Feminist Foreign Policy Response to COVID-19


Report: Feminist Foreign Policy for the EU


Peace and Security


Strongmen and Violence: Interlinkages of Anti-Feminism and Anti-Democratic Developments

Februar 2024

Webdossier: Nuclear Weapons and Their Humanitarian and Ecological Consequences

October 2023

A Practical Guidebook for the Inclusion of LGBTQI+ Groups in the WPS Architecture

September 2023

Feminist Perspectives on the Militarisation of Cyberspace

June 2023

AT THE CENTRE: Afghan Women Experts’ Policy Demands

December 2022

A Feminist Take on Nuclear Weapons in Germany – CFFP x ICAN

December 2022

How the Next German Government Can Support the Treaty on the Prohibition of Nuclear Weapons


How Militarised is Germany’s Foreign Policy?


Briefing: The ‘Women, Peace, and Security’ Agenda: Implementation Matters


Briefing: Why the International Arms Trade is a Feminist Issue – and What Germany Can Do About It


Exporting Violence and Inequality Report


Briefing: Germany on the Security Council: Recommendations for a Feminist Foreign and Security Policy




CFFP’s Black Feminist Reading List 2.0

February 2023

CFFP's Black feminist reading list

February 2021

Wake up, Almanya! – Germany’s political will to ignore institutional racism

March 2021

Feminist Foreign Policy So White?!

October 2020

Climate Justice


Feminist Interventions: Resisting the Militarization of the Climate Crisis

June 2023

Briefing: Feminist Foreign Policy and Climate-Induced Migration

August 2021

Briefing: No Climate Justice Without Gender Justice!

April 2020

Human Rights


CFFP’s Pride Reading List

June 2023

Disrupting the multilateral order? The impact of anti-gender actors on multilateral structures in Europe

November 2022

Power Over Rights: Understanding and Countering the Anti-Gender Campaigns

March 2022

Briefing: A Feminist Global Health Policy


Briefing: The Right to Safe and Legal Abortions in Germany: Germany Violates International Human Rights Obligations


How Anti-Feminist and Anti-Gender Ideologies Contribute to Violent Extremism – And What We Can Do About It


Funding (in)equality? A comparative look at the funding landscape for pro-and anti-gender initiatives and campaigns in the European Union (EU)


International Cooperation


CFFP’s Afghan Female Artists List

August 2023

Towards an Intersectional Feminist Development Policy for Germany

June 2023

Progressive cash for the anti-LGBTQI backlash?

April 2023

Global South Civil Society Lens: Towards Germany’s Feminist International Cooperation

March 2023

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