Feminist Perspectives on the Militarisation of Cyberspace

Feminist Perspectives on the Militarisation of Cyberspace

What does cyber have to do with intersectional feminism? Much more than one might think. Building on a year-long project, this policy briefing outlines the dangers of a militarised understanding of cyberspace and defines cybersecurity from a feminist perspective. It analyses and highlights the consequences of a militarised state-centric approach to cybersecurity and the intersecting harmful impacts on civil society and marginalised groups in particular, by providing examples of cyber operations against critical infrastructure, gendered disinformation, and surveillance activities.

Drawing on an extensive body of research by feminist civil society and scholars and on consultations with an expert working group specifically constituted for this project, the briefing also contains various policy recommendations that can inform steps towards feminist cyber peace.

This publication was financially supported by Microsoft.

Design by Nathanael Dehn (Leitmotiv.studio).

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