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Who we are

The Centre for Feminist Foreign Policy (CFFP) is co-led by its two co-founders Nina Bernarding (COO) and Kristina Lunz (CEO). CFFP is a human rights think tank dedicated to advocating for Feminist Foreign Policy. We challenge the conventional norms of international politics, particularly its emphasis on militarized state security, and instead promote foreign and security policies that prioritize human rights and the security of individuals and communities across all areas of foreign policy. Our primary objective is to address and eliminate power inequalities, which we view as the obstacle to achieving sustainable peace. No peace without feminism.

What we do

As a Berlin-based organization, we primarily address governments in the Global North through our advocacy, research, and consulting efforts, aiming to drive changes that benefit everyone affected by the foreign and security policies of these governments. Our approach is structured around three key priorities, which also guide our programmatic work:

Advancing Feminist Foreign Policy: We collaborate with governments and civil society to shape and enhance the concept of Feminist Foreign Policy.


Promoting Feminist Peace: We advocate for demilitarization, disarmament, and arms (export) control in both the physical and cyber realms. Additionally, we work towards advancing feminist peace support, including strengthening the Women, Peace, and Security Agenda. We also address gendered risks associated with new technologies, such as AI, and work towards cyber peace.


Promoting and Defending the Rights of Women and LGBTQI* Individuals: We counter the international anti-gender movement and anti-feminist authoritarian strongmen. Furthermore, we strengthen the international and multilateral framework for the rights of women and LGBTQI* individuals.

How we work

We recognize the multitude of approaches to driving change. At CFFP, we adopt a pragmatic peacebuilding mindset, which entails not only deconstructing unjust narratives, systems, and ideologies but also actively constructing feminist alternatives. We are committed to promoting human rights and intersectional feminism, understanding that our vision for a more just and feminist foreign and security policy may clash with current realities. To bridge this gap, we engage directly with the actors and institutions we seek to influence. While we aspire to radical change, we acknowledge that progress unfolds over varying timelines, including short, medium, and long-term scopes. We maintain a constructive impatience, driving transformation while recognizing the complexity of systemic change.



We are transforming foreign and security policy.


Towards a just Feminist Foreign Policy that promotes feminist peace and is implemented globally.

CFFP Women's March Purple Flag



We acknowledge that varying forms of oppression intersect with one another to shape peoples’ lived experiences, and we remain mindful and inquisitive of these oppressions. An intersectional approach is key to achieving and creating a foreign policy that puts humans – and not special interests – at its core and leaves no one behind. 


We are focused on working collaboratively with organizations and people who share our aims and objectives, and who will use our resources to develop public support for feminist foreign policy.


We do what we say, and are bold in our statements and ideas. We are foreign policy nerds by education and activists by heart and will always speak truth to power in the quest of making foreign policy more inclusive. 

Marissa Conway, Kristina Lunz, and Nina Bernarding are the three Co-Founders of CFFP. Marissa had the initial idea to build the Centre for Feminist Foreign Policy in 2016 in the UK, Kristina brought CFFP to Germany in 2018, and Nina joined forces with both of them in founding CFFP. Until early 2022, there were two legal entities, CFFP UK and CFFP Germany. After five and a half years, in early 2022, Marissa decided to move on from her position as UK Executive Director to focus on new projects focused on Feminist Foreign Policy. CFFP Germany became CFFP.

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