A Practical Guidebook for the Inclusion of LGBTQI+ Groups in the WPS Architecture

A Practical Guidebook for the Inclusion of LGBTQI+ Groups in the WPS Architecture

Title slide of the new Guidebook featuring logos of The Centre for Feminist Foreign Policy, Berghof Foundation, and the Federal Ministry for Economic Cooperation and Development (GIZ), along with the title 'TOWARDS MEANINGFUL INCLUSION OF LGBTQI+ GROUPS IN THE WOMEN, PEACE, AND SECURITY ARCHITECTURE - A practical Guidebook.' The bottom of the cover page displays a world illustration encircled by concentric rings in the colors of the LGBTQ+ flag.
Design: Anti-Heroine Media

Over recent years, government, international organisations, and civil society are increasingly aware of the need to address the gap in the Women, Peace, and Security (WPS) Agenda and ramped up efforts in mainstreaming gender into the framework of WPS. Ye, they have not yet led to the meaningful inclusion of LGBTQI+ needs, priorities, and perspectives.

It is in this context that CFFP, with support from the Berghof Foundation, sets out to develop this guidebook to support civil society representatives and policy practitioners to better account for the needs, perspectives, and lived realities of LGBTQI+ individuals in the WPS Architecture, strengthen the strategic alliances across different movements, and advance a more intersectional international policy debate on WPS.

The content has been developed based on three rounds of consultations with the project’s Working Group consisting of 18 feminist, peacebuilding, and LGBTQI+ organisations from both the Global North and Global South and two rounds of consultations with the Reference Groups comprising various representatives from governments and implementing partners. These contributions were complemented with desk research, interviews, and invited inputs from experts in the field.

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