How Militarised is Germany’s Foreign Policy?

How Militarised is Germany’s Foreign Policy?

Internationally, Germany enjoys a reputation of military restraint. This policy brief argues that this reputation is increasingly detached from reality.

By providing an analysis of Germany’s foreign and security policy priorities, decision-making processes, and multilateral engagement from a feminist perspective, this policy brief identifies entrenched militarisation in Germany’s foreign and security policy. Ultimately, the briefing argues that Germany must abandon its militarised, state-centric conception of security in favour of approaches capable of addressing the root causes of conflict, eradicating inequality, and fostering inclusive and sustainable peace. It then provides concrete actionable recommendations that can be taken by the German government in this regard.

This policy brief was written in collaboration with the German section of the Women’s International League for Peace and Freedom (WILPF), with financial support from the Heinrich Böll Foundation.

How Militarised is Germany’s Foreign Policy? Report

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