CFFP’s Afghan Female Artists List

Title slide for the publication the list 'Celebrating Afghan Female Artists'. The main title 'Celebrating Afghan Female Artists' is in bold letters. Sub-text reads 'Celebrating those who defy the Taliban by keeping the Afghan culture alive. Now on our website.' The design features a representation of white mountains on a backdrop of lilac and peach colours, reminiscent of the Afghan landscape and the project's theme colours. The CFFP Logo appears at the bottom of the slide.

CFFP’s Afghan Female Artists List

Reflecting on two years since the Taliban’s takeover in Afghanistan—a pivotal moment that reshaped countless lives worldwide. The burning of ‘illegal’ instruments is a mere fragment of the Taliban’s assault on culture. Memories of their past rule remind us of the heritage erased, leaving a void in art and culture. August 2021 reignited fear among artists and musicians, as the Taliban’s crackdown persisted. Music and arts, integral to Afghan identity, faced ruthless suppression.

Afghan Female Artists occupy an even more precarious position, as they dare to defy. Through their creative endeavours, they amplify marginalised voices, safeguard ancient musical legacies, and perpetuate Afghanistan’s artistic essence.

Today, CFFP takes a stand, celebrating the resilience of Afghan Female Artists—innovators who persist against all odds. Delve into our compilation on our website, with filmmakers, authors, photographers, and more.

We extend our heartfelt gratitude to Advisor Nahid Shahalimi, as well as our dedicated Steering Committee members and their expansive networks, for their invaluable contributions in suggesting these remarkable artists.

Together, let’s champion these artistic trailblazers, ensuring their light forever shines.

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