Women’s Resilience in Shaping Feminist Foreign Policy – CFFP x Háwar.help

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The primary goal of this event at UNGA 2023 is to shed light on the critical role played by Women Human Rights Defenders in shaping Feminist Foreign Policies around the world. These courageous women stand at the forefront of resistance against authoritarian regimes and are relentless advocates for gender equality and democratic values. In the face of increasing anti-feminist attacks on inclusive spaces at the UN, this event aims to establish a feminist and inclusive environment led by expert civil society. By featuring distinguished speakers like Luise Amtsberg, the German Commissioner for Human Rights, and Elizabeth Taylor Jay, Colombia’s Minister in charge of Feminist Foreign Policy, this event seeks to deepen the understanding of the challenges faced by women human rights defenders and underscore the significance of incorporating their recommendations into global Feminist Foreign Policy agendas.

Furthermore, this event will spotlight remarkable women human rights defenders from diverse backgrounds, including Afghan, and Yezidi activists, to generate progressive recommendations for Feminist Foreign Policies. Speakers such as Düzen Tekkal, a renowned filmmaker, war correspondent, and Founder of HÁWAR.help, and Habiba Sarabi, a Former Republic Negotiator and Former Governor in Afghanistan, will share their experiences and insights. The event will be moderated by Kristina Lunz, Co-Founder and Co-Executive Director of the Centre for Feminist Foreign Policy. By actively creating a space where governments from countries with Feminist Foreign Policies come together with civil society actors, this side event aims to identify common ground for concerted action in the pursuit of Feminist Foreign Policies that transcend national boundaries.



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