Our Networks

Discover our Intersectional Feminist Networks.

Netzwerk F

Discover our Feminist network for politically active women and non-binary people, and those who want to enter the political spaces.

Network F is both a community and knowledge hub. The network helps to overcome obstacles and to promote women and non-binary people in (foreign) policymaking. Our goal is to dismantle discriminatory structures and promote marginalised people.

WoX Network

We have the same right to influence foreign policy as men do, and diverse perspectives lead to better analyses and policy outcomes. By connecting more women experts to policy makers, the WoX network aims to do exactly this: diversifying the spaces where foreign and security policy are being shaped. Are you looking for women experts? Search the WoX network and contact the right expert!

We need you!

Are you ready to join us in making foreign policy a mechanism for equality, justice, solidarity, and peace? Become one of our bold members, visionaries or make a donation to make our work possible. Let’s build an intersectional feminist, inclusive, representative future and make our vision happen – together.

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