1-year anniversary of CFFP’s Feminist Foreign Policy Summit

1-year anniversary of CFFP’s Feminist Foreign Policy Summit

The first-ever Feminist Foreign Policy Summit worldwide.

One year ago, we organised the first ever Feminist Foreign Policy Summit. Let’s have a look back at this major milestone in the Feminist Foreign Policy world.

Its five sessions tackled themes of Climate Justice, the Transnational Anti-Gender Movement, International Attacks on Human Rights, Countering Global Militarisation and Armament, Decolonising Feminist Foreign Policy, and everything in between. And it provided a platform for truly diverse panels of thinkers, authors, civil society leaders, and practitioners in the field of feminist foreign policy to exchange their expertise and best practices. They were joined by 271 guests over 1.5 days, 173 users networking on Slack, and 1,472 attendees on Youtube.

We organised this in partnership with the governments of Canada, Sweden, Mexico, and Switzerland, as well as civil society organisations ICAN, CREA, ICRW, SUPERRR Lab, the Center for Reproductive Rights, and the Open Society Foundations.

Ever since our summit in 2022, the list of countries adopting a Feminist foreign policy continues to grow. Last year Germany and Finland organised Feminist foreign policy conferences, and the Netherlands announced it will be organising one in autumn 2023!

Click below to watch the highlights of the Feminist Foreign Policy Summit:

The Summit.

The Summit was inaugurated with an Evening reception on 12th April 2022 at the stunning Common House of the Nordic Embassies.
The reception commenced with welcome remarks from Swedish Ambassador Per Thöresson, and a discussion on Growing Momentum on Feminist Foreign Policies.

Pictures of the opening reception (Pictures: Selene Adores)

a man is delivering a speech from behind a podium on a stage, facing a seated audience.
Close-up of an audience seated in a row, attentively watching a speech
The audience perspective of watching a panel discussion of 4 women

The Feminist Foreign Policy summit day also featured an outstanding line-up of keynote speakers and panellists. Notably, it was a huge honour to have a keynote speech by German Foreign Minister Annalena Baerbock.

Take a look:

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Interested in the details of the event? Have a look at the Summit’s Programme.

Discover the Programme

Our Side Events.

But that’s not all! The summit lasted more than 1.5 days.

In fact, leading up to the FFP Summit was a full calendar of online, hybrid and on-site events. In November 2021, we kicked off the summit season with an online opening reception hosted by the Ambassador of Sweden Per Thöresson.

You can watch it here.

We also concocted a series of online side events, discussing topics from Trade & Economic Policy (co-hosted by Women in Economic Policy) and Sexual and Reproductive Health and Rights, to  Humanitarian Policy and Climate Justice.

Our project manager, Sheena Anderson, led several discussions on anti-racism and Feminist foreign policy. She also moderated an Anti-Racism webinar with the Black Humanitarian and members of parliament Deborah Düring and Merle Spellerberg.

Watch the full recording here.

Our co-founder and co-executive director Kristina Lunz led a panel discussion on “Making Foreign Policy Feminist”.
You can click here to watch this discussion.

Head to our Youtube channel to watch the full playlist of our FFP Summit events here!

Our FFP Summit Playlist

Not possible without our amazing team <3

The success of the summit was only made possible through the tireless efforts of our CFFP team, and especially our Project Manager Anna Provan!

Group of seven individuals standing in a row and posing for a group photo.
a man and a woman standing behind a podium with promotional posters
A group of people in a group hug

And of course, last but not least, our deepest appreciation to our partners and supporters for helping us reach this important milestone!

This article was written by:
Mouna Massaoudi
is our newest CFFP team member and our Social Media Intern.

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