Time for Change

Time for Change

After five and a half years with CFFP, Co-Founder Marissa Conway has decided to leave her position as UK Executive Director in March 2022.

Announcing her departure from CFFP, Marissa said:

“I’m incredibly proud of the CFFP’s impact in the UK and in so many other countries around the world. Feminist Foreign Policy (FFP) has the potential to transform the world and ensure sustainable peace, and I believe now more than ever that CFFP’s work is of critical importance. I am excited to see what is achieved in years to come as CFFP continues to be a champion for feminist values and equality for all.”

Marissa had the initial idea to build the Centre for Feminist Foreign Policy in 2016 in the UK before she joined forces with co-founders Kristina Lunz and Nina Bernarding to found CFFP in its current professional form with both of them. Over the years, Marissa has worked with political parties in the UK to shape their feminist policies and FFP frameworks, as well as campaigned on issues like nuclear reduction, the climate crisis, and immigration reform. Most recently, Marissa has been working with the UK government to incorporate intersectional perspectives into cybersecurity policy.

Upon Marissa’s departure, CFFP UK will cease its operations and CFFP Germany will continue as CFFP, marking an exciting new phase of growth for CFFP.

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