Netzwerk F

Netzwerk F Mentees are sitting on chairs before a conference and talking together.

Traditionally, the field of foreign and security policy is very exclusive, elite and white and overall pays little attention to the intersectionality of key components of the field and the people it affects. This is one of the reasons many young people who face systemic injustice in Germany through racism, sexism, classism, ableism, antisemitism, islamophobia, and many other forms of oppression have a hard time making their way in this field. They often lack the contacts and networks and face various challenges. This is why CFFP has created Netzwerk F – an intersectional feminist political network for young women and non-binary people in Germany who are active in politics and/or public policy or want to be. Consisting of an ever-growing network of mentees and experienced patrons, the network supports the mentees to overcome challenges on their path to or within foreign and security policy by showcasing career opportunities and emphasising peer support. Netzwerk F further promotes diverse people and perspectives in politics, strives for a transformation of oppressive structures into intersectional feminist ones and aims at fair political representation.

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