For an antiracist and decolonial FFP

Man raising his fist during a protest for Black Lives Matter in Paris.

Discussions on race often overlook the historical and global factors that have shaped racial differences. Consequently, BIPoC and Global South experts in the field struggle against prevailing concepts and structures. Racism and colonialism receive minimal attention, if any, in foreign policy. While a Feminist Foreign Policy (FFP) holds promise for addressing race, racism, and whiteness, governments with an FFP lack clear commitments to tackling colonial legacies and promoting anti-racist approaches. Even some civil society organizations and researchers fail to advocate for a decolonized FFP. Therefore, we remain dedicated to developing an unapologetically anti-racist FFP, grounded in collaboration, listening, and deconstruction. Elevating the voices of BIPoC and Global South experts is crucial to our strategy. We aim to be bridge builders, supporting those on the frontlines of decolonial and anti-racist struggles. We stay true to our intersectional and activist roots, leveraging our social capital, privilege, and diplomatic expertise to empower the less fortunate. and activist roots while using our social capital, privilege, and diplomatic expertise to benefit those who are less fortunate.

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