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A feminist approach to international cooperation prioritises intersectional equity and justice, closely supporting and working with feminist civil society, particularly in Southern Countries. It further highlights and acknowledges that development aid is a colonial structure and works towards decolonising this policy area.

CFFP International Cooperation

Key Activities

We continue to work on Afghanistan!

We invite you to delve into our latest initiative – “Feminist Development Policy Towards Afghanistan: From Theory to Practice.” At CFFP, we firmly believe that crafting effective policies demands centering Afghan narratives and experiences, with a strong emphasis on meaningfully including the insights of Afghan women experts.

Join us in this transformative journey! Many more updates to come in the coming weeks.

Vibrant infographic unveiling the "New CFFP Project - Feminist Development Policy Towards Afghanistan: From Theory to Practice." The top of the image features the prominent CFFP logo, while the bottom showcases a serene white drawing of mountains, reminiscent of Afghanistan's breathtaking landscapes. The backdrop is adorned with two round irregular shapes in the project's signature colours, peach/pink and lavender, symbolising the project's thematic essence. The title stands out elegantly, accentuated by the CFFP's signature yellow, drawing attention to the project's significance and focus.

Key Resources

CFFP’s Afghan Female Artists List

Reflecting on two years since the Taliban's takeover in Afghanistan—a pivotal moment that reshaped countless lives worldwide. The burning of 'illegal' instruments is a mere fragment of the Taliban's assault…

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Progressive cash for the anti-LGBTQI backlash?

Find the report here. The authors of the report emailed the aid donors/development partners that came up in the research.

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Global South Civil Society Lens: Towards Germany’s Feminist International Cooperation

Following the launch of Germany's Association for Women’s Rights in Development (AWID), to offer critical feminist insights into German funding, the BMZ Reform Konzept 2030, and general project management practices. This…

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Upcoming & Past Events


Feminist Convening – Towards a meaningful Feminist Development Policy for Germany.

Join us for the 5th Feminist Convening and the launch of our new recommendations this Wednesday! Over the past few months, our International Cooperations' team has been tirelessly organizing Feminist…

15. June 2023 @ 12:00 - 18:00

Western Aid for Backers of Uganda’s Anti-Homosexuality Bill – Report launch

register here. Claire Provost is a feminist investigative journalist and co-founder of The Institute for Journalism and Social Change; she previously worked at The Guardian, The Centre for Investigative Journalism…

24. April 2023 @ 17:00 - 18:30

“Feminist International Cooperation means reversing the Northern gaze of development and amplifying and centring Southern feminist visions for change”

Aissa Boodhoo

Aïssa Boodhoo
CFFP Project Manager

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