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A serene white drawing of mountains, reminiscent of Afghanistan's breathtaking landscapes. The backdrop is adorned with two round irregular shapes in the project's signature colours, peach/pink and lavender, symbolising the project's thematic essence.

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At CFFP, where we’re all about shaking up how foreign policy is traditionally approached – through patriarchy! Our mission is to promote a more inclusive and just world by advocating for an intersectional feminist approach to global foreign policy.

In the case of Afghanistan, we believe that to create effective policies, we must centre Afghan narratives and experiences by meaningfully including Afghan women experts.

Our project, “Feminist Development Policy Towards Afghanistan: From Theory to Practice,” aims to build a strong German and international development approach for Afghanistan rooted in the experience and expertise of marginalised groups, responsive to the needs of the Afghan people, and focused on human security. We’ll achieve this by amplifying the perspectives of marginalised groups, with a particular focus on Afghan women experts working on Afghanistan.
This project will also contribute important insights towards the elaboration of Germany’s Feminist Development policy more broadly.

We’re thrilled to be part of this important process, acting as a support structure (secretariat) and bridge between Afghan women experts working on Afghanistan, German policymakers, and relevant international stakeholders. Through facilitated dialogue and exchange, responsive to the needs of the Afghan people, we’ll pave the way for a more inclusive and effective Feminist Development Policy approach not only for Afghanistan but also for Germany and beyond.

Join us in this transformative journey!
Many more updates to come in the coming weeks.


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