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Munich Security Conference Munich

Since 2022, the Centre for Feminist Foreign Policy, in collaboration with the influential feminist women’s rights network FRAUEN100, has been organising one of the most distinguished events at the annual Munich Security Conference – a prominent global forum focused on foreign and security affairs: the CFFPxFRAUEN100 Feminist Women’s Dinner. These dinners serve as dedicated platforms […]

From theory to action: the climate crisis from a Feminist Foreign Policy angle

Heinrich-Böll-Stiftung - Headquarter Berlin Schumannstr. 8 10117 Berlin Schumannstr. 8, Berlin

Watch the event here   A note on feminism, Feminist Foreign Policy and the Climate Crisis As with every crisis, it is the most marginalised people whose livelihood and security is threatened most severely by the climate crisis. Furthermore, the gendered dimensions of the crisis are often ignored or downplayed. Increasingly at most conferences […]

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