Rights, Responsibilities, and Revolutions – Understanding Sexual and Reproductive Health and Rights in a Transatlantic Context

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In recent years attacks on Sexual and Reproductive Health Rights (SRHR) – such as the Global Gag Rule and Poland’s abortion ban – have been growing on both sides of the Atlantic with the number of actors fighting to undo the international achievements for womens’ and sexual minority rights gaining further ground. Across the globe, states and NGOs are working to undermine the international women’s rights agenda: They lobby to alter the language in UN resolutions, advance alternative understanding of international treaties, delegitimise feminists and their work by advocating cultural realism and ‘traditional values’ and pull financial resources from education and health services that account for reproductive rights. How can existing national and international human rights legislation be protected? How can the strengthening of transatlantic relations and collaborations between Europe and the US support SRHR on both sides of the Atlantic? How can a Feminist Foreign Policy contribute to the protection and expansion of SRHR?

This event is part of our webinar series, “New Approaches to Foreign Policy – Feminist Foreign Policy and its Potential for Advancing Transatlantic Relations” hosted in collaboration with 1014.

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7. April 2021
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