Climate Justice: Theory & Groundwork (An Introduction to Intersectional Thought and the Interconnectedness of the Climate Crisis, Systemic Inequality, and Marginalised Climate Activism)


The climate crisis is more than global warming and the need to produce less carbon dioxide. It works as a multiplier of inequality, threatening and worsening the living conditions of already marginalised people. The aim of this event was to highlight the importance of fostering climate justice from an intersectional perspective, tackling racial, social, economic, […]

Climate Justice and Gender Justice: Addressing the Climate Crisis with an Intersectional Feminist Approach


Social movements like the 350 and Fridays for Future have become strong voices holding administrations accountable for enforcing international agreements such as the Paris Climate Agreement. These agreements are under threat, gendered and racialised inequalities of the climate crisis are too often neglected, both within and between nations, and the COVID-19 pandemic seems to overshadow the climate commitments […]

Feminist Foreign Policy and Climate Justice


In our understanding, Feminist Foreign Policy - dedicated to human security and putting people’s safety over the safety of states - acknowledges the climate crisis as a security issue and thus commits to fighting all factors directly and indirectly contributing to climate change. Only by striving for intersectional climate justice and accepting how the climate […]

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