A Feminist Foreign Policy has to be anti-racist. We are thus promoting an end to the political hierarchisation of race in policy research, programming and practice and fight for racial justice. We highlight the colonial legacies within traditional foreign policy approaches, and investigate the underlying assumptions, narratives and biases that guide foreign policy decisions.

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CFFP’s Black Feminist Reading List 2.0

To be clear - Black history is in the making every day and should thus be celebrated every day, but we still want to take the opportunity of Black History…

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The Centre for Feminist Foreign Policy’s Black feminist reading list

Every year, February marks Black History Month - a time to celebrate Black achievements, history, people, and stories - something that is far too often neglected or pushed aside. However,…

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Feminist Foreign Policy So White?!

For us at CFFP, the fundament of feminism is intersectionality. We are committed to constantly working on dismantling the oppressive structures that prevent racial justice, and being attentive to the…

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Wake up, Almanya! – Germany’s political will to ignore institutional racism

As German elections swiftly approach, we understand that the political normalisation and continuing democratic legitimisation of racism are pressing issues. This briefing defines racism as a threat to Germany’s democratic…

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Upcoming & Past Events

This event was brought to you by CFFP, Deborah Füring, MdB, Merle Spellerberg, The Black Humanitarian

Summit Side Event: Letting Our Anger Do the Talking! Race, Racism, and Whiteness in (Feminist) Foreign Policy

With this event, CFFP continued crucial discussions about race, racism and whiteness in (Feminist) Foreign Policy and opened up space for BIPoC activists, researchers, policymakers and their allies to come…

15. December 2021 @ 8:00 - 17:00

Black History Month Instagram Live with Tiaji Sio

Our very own Miriam and Sheena marked Black History Month with an Instagram Live discussion celebrating Black Feminism in Foreign Policy. In the second half, they were joined by Tiaji…

22. February 2021 @ 13:00 - 14:00
The CFFP Summer Event Series will take place on 14.07.2020 at 4.30 pm BST on Zoom. Join us for a conversation on "Feminist Foreign Policy So White" with Kristina Lunz, CFFP co-founder, Toni Haastrup, Senior Lecturer at the University of Stirling, Ambassador Bonnée Jenkins, Founder of WCAPS, Miriam Mona Müller, CFFP Strategic Policy and Research Advisor.

Event Series: (Feminist) Foreign Policy So White?!

In 2020, our Summer Event Series tackled the issue of whiteness in (Feminist) Foreign Policy. We hosted two events with the most impressive lineup of speakers, Dr. Toni Haastrup, Ambassador…

14. July 2020 @ 16:30 - 17:00
The event "Exploring a feminist approach to migration in a Brexit world" takes place in London on the 10.04.2019.

A Feminist Approach to Migration in a Post-Brexit World

In 2019, CFFP hosted a discussion on feminist approaches to foreign policy and migration together with the Friends of Europe. Watch our highlights video now!

15. April 2019 @ 8:00 - 17:00

“We will not accept another postponement of equal representation! We want to have a say in the future of tomorrow.“

Sheena Anderson

Sheena Anderson
CFFP Project manager leading the Netzwerk F project

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