Disrupted Issue 1: The Feminist Foreign Policy Issue

Disrupted Issue 1: The Feminist Foreign Policy Issue


Grab your digital copy of The Feminist Foreign Policy Issue - now as a downloadable PDF!

Disrupted’s very first issue includes over 50 pages of articles from activists and academics from around the world. Each piece enquires into a different angle or application of feminist foreign policy - get your hands on this groundbreaking exploration into the future of foreign policy.

Table of Contents:

Can African Women Make Foreign Policy? - Nanjala Nyabola

The End of the Central America Minors Program - Daisy Jaimes

The Digital Mediatization of Feminist Foreign Policy - Rahel Weldeab Sebhatu

Feminist Foreign Policy: The South Asia Conundrum - Swati Parashar and Bina D’Costa

Cut the Strings: Bodily Autonomy Needs Sustainable Funding - Mari-Claire Price, Ghiwa Sayegh, Marisa Viana, and Oriana Lopez Uribe

Climate Change: The Importance of Feminist Storytelling - Jessica Olson

Exploring Mentorship in the US Defense Industry - Tabitha Sanders

Do Gender Approaches Bring Something New to the Study of War? - Maryam Nahhal

Deconstructing the Israeli-Palestinian Conflict - Natasha Spreadborough

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