Print Copy - Disrupted Issue 1: The Feminist Foreign Policy Issue

Print Copy - Disrupted Issue 1: The Feminist Foreign Policy Issue


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Grab your print copy of The Feminist Foreign Policy Issue!

Disrupted’s very first issue includes over 50 pages of articles from activists and academics from around the world. Each piece enquires into a different angle or application of feminist foreign policy - get your hands on this groundbreaking exploration into the future of foreign policy.

Table of Contents:

Can African Women Make Foreign Policy? - Nanjala Nyabola

The End of the Central America Minors Program - Daisy Jaimes

The Digital Mediatization of Feminist Foreign Policy - Rahel Weldeab Sebhatu

Feminist Foreign Policy: The South Asia Conundrum - Swati Parashar and Bina D’Costa

Cut the Strings: Bodily Autonomy Needs Sustainable Funding - Mari-Claire Price, Ghiwa Sayegh, Marisa Viana, and Oriana Lopez Uribe

Climate Change: The Importance of Feminist Storytelling - Jessica Olson

Exploring Mentorship in the US Defense Industry - Tabitha Sanders

Do Gender Approaches Bring Something New to the Study of War? - Maryam Nahhal

Deconstructing the Israeli-Palestinian Conflict - Natasha Spreadborough

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