A Bullish Feminism

Bullish Feminism Urvashi Bundelis

Soon every one shall be feminist
Said the Fearless girl
Soon we will have rights handed
Handed to us like candies!
But Charging bull felt entitled
It barraged.
In 19s, against the voice to vote
In20s, he stomped at equal education
In60s, against equal wage.
But after few drooping decades
Nothing much changed.
She yelled.
We want equal pay
Not to berate you
Not to steal your share of pie
Not to abhor you
I work one night same as you
I work one day same as you
On a spinning wheel of Sahel,
I spin cotton, same as you.
Threads of desires
And its besotted dreams,
Of persuasions
And fragile egos,
Of quagmires
And its strangled ambitions,
To build a legacy
Same as you!
So, No! hunter mind
It is not one more plot to hatch
Not one more plague to cure
Not one more mystery to solve
But the bull wasn't convinced
It charged.
With words & actions
With knees & elbows
With deluged & disillusioned


So said the Fearless Girl
Please continue.
I must feel your fear.
Fear is important.
Don't take that away.
In order to "believe"
In your ruckus stories
In your unearned pride
In your swathed ingenuity
Fear is important.
Don't take that away.
Just don't.
But remember
When you lift your bullish weight alone
You shall know the price of rice old
The price of masculinity and the price of gold,
Encircling you, will be the white sands and the brown,
The Blue Nile and the White,
And every grain that drifts apart,
A grueling anonymity would bifurcate them all,
From education to sexuality,
You called it traditions but, legacy I call!

Urvashi Bundelis a specialist in public international law and international criminal law. She holds degrees from the Johns Hopkins University in the United States, Leiden University in the Netherlands and Ritsumeikan University (APU) in Japan.

Marissa Conway