Trailblazer Series: Lucie Goulet of Women In Foreign Policy

We had the privilege of sitting down with Women in Foreign Policy’s founder and editor Lucie Goulet to learn more about the inspiration behind her pioneering project.  Women in Foreign Policy launched in 2013 with the goal “to encourage more girls and young women to work in foreign policy,” says Goulet. 

The site features successful and driven women working in foreign policy or related fields to help inspire and educate those in the beginnings of their career.  The idea for this project originated with a speech Goulet gave to Future Foreign Policy, a London based think tank.  Compelled to do something more tangible as a follow up to her speech, the idea for Women in Foreign Policy took shape. So far? “It’s worked beyond my wildest hopes,” she says.

Goulet initially reached out on LinkedIn to her network to find women to interview.  “To the first two women who said yes - I will forever be grateful to them because they took a chance on my website with no reason to say yes.”  Goulet’s first interview was with Lindsey Hilsun, the Channel 4 International News Editor.  Hilsun then referred Goulet to Melissa Fleming, who was at the time the UNHCR spokeswomen. Goulet credits the incredible success her project has had from its inception with their initial willingness to participate. “These days I mostly interview women who contact me,” she says.

The next series to go up on Women in Foreign Policy will be a set of interviews with minority women who work in US foreign policy, due in January.  When Goulet initially put the call out, “I got nearly 50 responses, which is incredible and shows how much we need resources for women who want to go into foreign policy.” 

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