Disrupted Contributions

Twice a year we post calls for art, poetry, and article contributions for the next issue of Disrupted (published biannually). Watch this page for the next call.

Online Journal article Submissions

The Centre for Feminist Foreign Policy uses feminism as a means to interrupt mainstream foreign policy ideas and to deconstruct the status quo. We take a thoughtful, analytical approach to the issues we cover and post approximately 2 times per month.

We highlight both established and emerging voices, and particularly seek to include articles from communities that have been marginalized from mainstream foreign policy discussions. Please note that at this time have limited capacity to work with authors to develop their piece, as everyone who works on this project does so on a volunteer basis.

Through our journal articles, we seek to paint the local into a larger global picture in order to understand how the everyday actions of people - actions which might seem simply social or even private - are decidedly politically charged, and vice versa.  We challenge assumptions about the unquestioned objectivity of policy - assumptions which miscalculate power structures and tend to leave an analysis of international politics lacking. We attempt to understand how the identities of both subjugated and the elite interact to reify systemic bias, and perhaps most importantly, we do not presume the authority to speak on behalf of anyone else. Ultimately, we see a feminist analysis of foreign policy not only as compelling, but as indispensable to achieve a more equal world.

To pitch to the CFFP journal, use the contact form below or email editorial@centreforffp.org. Please send a 200 word write up defining the proposed article, and, if possible, include links to any previously published work. If you are multi-lingual, we would love to include your piece in multiple languages.

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