The CFFP UK team is under the direction of Marissa Conway, and was the location of CFFP's original launch in December 2016.

Allison Spiegal Centre for Feminist Foreign Policy


Originally from Toronto, Canada, Allison has recently completed her MA in Conflict Resolution in Divided Societies from King’s College London. Her dissertation focused on discursive representations of Afghan women in the British press post-9/11 as a means of justifying foreign interventionism. Her research interests include discursive representations of the “Other”, experiences of forced migrants from the Modern Middle East, and human rights in Israel and Palestine.

Before this, Allison earned her Hons BA in History and Middle East Studies with a concentration on the Israeli-Palestinian Conflict from the University of Toronto. She followed-up her studies by volunteering with Heart-to-Heart’s local outreach committee, a project of the Givat Haviva Education Foundation in Israel and Hashomer Hatzair/Camp Shomria in Canada. Allison is passionate about female mentorship and was recognized for her efforts as a recipient of the inaugural St. Hilda’s Board of Trustees Leadership Award in 2015.

Emily Webster Centre for Feminist Foreign Policy

Emily Webster | Events Coordinator | Londo

Emily Webster currently holds the position of Events Coordinator at LSE Generate, where she works to build Generate’s network of entrepreneurs throughout the world. She has assisted in organising panels, talks and festivals all focusing on enterprise, with a particular interest in social impact and innovation. She previously graduated from King’s College London with an MA in Conflict, Security and Development (with Distinction) in 2017. Apart from her roles with CFFP and LSE Generate, she volunteers for the LSE LGBT+ staff network in their communications team and also for the Young Funding Network, who run multiple crowdfunding events for social enterprises throughout the year.

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Nina Pedersen Centre for Feminist Foreign Policy


Nina holds a masters degree in International Security from the University of Bristol and a BA in Political Science from the University of Oslo. Nina has also worked as Research Assistant with the British American Security Information Council (BASIC), where she worked primarily on issues relating to disarmament and mitigation of nuclear risk. This experience, which showed her first hand the damaging effect of masculine coded language on disarmament efforts, has led her to devote her time to push for a feminist foreign policy agenda.