CFFP Global VOlunteers


Elinor McNamee Centre for Feminist Foreign Policy

Elinor MCNamee | PR Volunteer | London

Elinor is a postgraduate student at the London School of Economics Centre for Women, Peace, and Security. She holds a BA (Hons) in International Studies from Simon Fraser University and a Certificate in Humanitarian Response to Conflict and Disaster from the Harvard Humanitarian Initiative. Elinor currently works with Equal Voice Canada, a multi-partisan organization dedicated to electing more women to all levels of political office in Canada. Prior to moving to London, Elinor worked with the Canadian Red Cross in Disaster Management, providing humanitarian assistance to vulnerable communities impacted by disaster. She has previously worked for the Government of Canada in trade, policy, and communications, and for non-profit organizations in leadership development and gender mainstreaming programs. Elinor’s areas of research lie at the intersections of feminist theory, armed conflict, international law, and foreign policy.  

Jennifer Brough Centre for Feminist Foreign Policy

Jennifer Brough | Interview Volunteer | London

While gaining her BA in English Literature at the University of Warwick, Jennifer was involved in the Warwick Anti-Sexism Society, directed and acted in performances of The Vagina Monologues, and read and wrote women-centered short stories and plays. Since graduating, she works in publishing and is currently studying for an MA in Gender Studies and Law at SOAS part-time.

Jennifer's areas of interest include the relationship between academia and activism, intersectional feminism, and decolonizing and diversifying knowledge production. Follow her on Twitter here.

Allison Spiegel Centre for Feminist Foreign Policy


Originally from Toronto, Canada, Allison has recently completed her MA in Conflict Resolution in Divided Societies from King’s College London. Her dissertation focused on discursive representations of Afghan women in the British press post-9/11 as a means of justifying foreign interventionism. Her research interests include discursive representations of the “Other”, experiences of forced migrants from the Modern Middle East, and human rights in Israel and Palestine.

Before this, Allison earned her Hons BA in History and Middle East Studies with a concentration on the Israeli-Palestinian Conflict from the University of Toronto. She followed-up her studies by volunteering with Heart-to-Heart’s local outreach committee, a project of the Givat Haviva Education Foundation in Israel and Hashomer Hatzair/Camp Shomria in Canada. Allison is passionate about female mentorship and was recognized for her efforts as a recipient of the inaugural St. Hilda’s Board of Trustees Leadership Award in 2015.

Katie Washington Centre for Feminist Foreign Policy

Katie Washington | Volunteer Disrupted Editor-in-Chief | London

Katie has over 14 years’ experience working in international development in both policy, advocacy, and programmatic roles in the UK, India, Vietnam, Thailand, Cambodia and Jordan, including acting as the UK Youth Representative, alongside former Prime Minister David Cameron, to the United Nations High Level Panel (UNHLP) for the Post-2015 agenda, which resulted in creation of the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs). Recently, she has worked for UNDP in the Sub-Regional Response Facility (SRF) for the Syria Crisis in Amman, Jordan in the Policy and Crisis Coordination team. She has also worked as a Research Engagement Manager for Cancer Research UK, and a Project Manager for Macmillan Cancer Support.

Katie is an experienced researcher and is currently completing her DPhil in International Development at the University of Oxford where her research focuses on the role and impact of gender, faith, and identity in experiences of young British Muslim women who have joined or considered joining violent and non-violent extremist organisations. Prior to this, she completed the MSc Global Governance and Diplomacy at the University of Oxford, and the BA Politics and International Relations at Royal Holloway University of London.


Raíssa Vitorio Pereira | Volunteer Online Journal Editor-in-Chief | Brasilia

Originally from Brasília, Brazil. Raíssa was rewarded the Santander Taught Master’s Scholarship to complete her M.A. in Gender Studies at SOAS, University of London. She also holds a B.A. in International Relations from Universidade de Brasília. During her degree, she was a member of the Centre for Gender and International Relations Studies (CEGRI) and of the Tutorial Education Program on International Relations (PET-REL), which allowed her to conduct group discussions and research concerning gender and international security. She was also General Coordinator to the International Relations’ Students Union and intern at Joint United Nations Programme on HIV/AIDS (UNAIDS).

Her areas of research are gender in international security, men and masculinities in foreign policy, securitization, women’s reproductive rights, and Brazilian and South American politics.


Simone Lieban Levine | Volunteer Online Journal Editor-in-Chief | WAshington DC

After receiving her BA in English from St. Mary's College of Maryland, Simone began working as a paralegal so she could explore the legal profession by day and keep her finger on the pulse of the intersectional feminist movement by night (and weekend). Formerly based in New York City and now in Washington DC, she is an aspiring law student for the class of 2021, and hopes to use her upcoming legal education to work in public interest. Her areas of interest circle around the endless ways that racial and reproductive justice overlap with other feminist issues, such as criminal justice and concepts of national or group identities.


Annie Gergi | Volunteer Online Journal Copy Editor | London

As a Lebanese-American, Annie has always been intently interested in Middle Eastern Politics. It is this interest which led her to complete her BA in Middle Eastern Studies at the University of Manchester.

During her degree, she spent a summer interning in Washington D.C. for the Arab American Institute, where she was placed at the Truman National Security Project. Through this role, she was able to research national security issues regarding the region, and help in the process of policy development for the organization.

She is currently completing her Master’s in Gender Studies and Law at SOAS, University of London. She has focused her studies on gender within the Middle East and is currently in the process of completing her dissertation on the construction of masculinities within Lebanon, with a special focus on the Lebanese Civil War.  Follow her on Twitter here.

Blessing Ikpa Centre for Feminist Foreign Policy

Blessing Ikpa | Volunteer Editor and Interview Copy Editor | Washington D.C.

Blessing is a graduate student in the Ethics, Peace and Global Affairs program at American University’s School of International Service. Blessing’s past education was completed at the University of Oklahoma in Criminology-Sociology with focuses in International Relations and Women’s & Gender Studies. Her area of focus is in humanitarian efforts, women’s rights and gender. 

Blessing’s past experience with organizations such as Oxfam Italia (part of the overarching Oxfam International) has led her to become a Human Rights, Refugees, and Crisis Response Fellow for Duke University’s Sanford School of Public Policy. Follow her on Twitter here.

Alice Baker Centre for Feminist Foreign Policy

Alice Baker | Volunteer Editor | London

Currently in her final year studying history and politics at Goldsmiths, University of London, Alice believes in the value of applying an intersectional framework to feminist thought in order to improve the lives of many and allow a diversity of voices to be heard. Her main interests lie in the growth and importance of intersectional feminism, the relationship between popular culture and feminism, reproductive justice, and feminist activism. She is currently writing her dissertation which aims to reconcile feminist approaches to the beauty industry, with a particular focus on makeup. In the past, she has written papers on topics such as the US media’s role in sustaining rape culture, the role of female gang members in the US, and the trajectory of second-wave feminism. 

Israa Saber Centre for Feminist Foreign Policy

Israa Saber | Volunteer Editor | New Jersey

Israa recently graduated from Wesleyan University having majored in Government with a concentration in International Politics. Her background as an Arab-American and previous experience living in Egypt helped develop her interest in Middle Eastern politics and human rights. She's particularly interested in the role that international law can play in improving human rights in the Middle East, and beyond. This interest led to her completing her undergraduate thesis on the impact of regional competition on International Criminal Court membership in Jordan and Morocco. Her commitment to policy oriented towards human rights drives her interest in feminist foreign policy.

Liz Colavita Centre for Feminist Foreign Policy

Liz Colavita | Volunteer Editor | Istanbul

Liz received her BA from Duke University where she studied Public Policy with a concentration on International Policy. She also studied Economics and Turkish. While earning her undergraduate degree, Liz worked as a research assistant for the Laboratory for Unconventional Conflict Analysis and Simulation, researching Iran-Saudi Arabia relations through Iranian influence in Iraq. Her focus within the team included Iraqi political parties and militia groups. Currently, Liz is a Programme Intern for UN Women in their Europe and Central Asia Regional Office. At UN Women, her work focuses on ending violence and against women; women's economic empowerment; and women, peace and security. She is especially interested in the intersection between economic development and peace processes. Follow her on Twitter here.

Lucy Leban Centre for Feminist Foreign Policy

Lucy Leban | Volunteer Editor | Washington D.C.

Lucy is a recent graduate of the University of Chicago, where she obtained her Master’s degree in International Relations. She holds Bachelor’s degrees in Political Science and Philosophy from Florida Gulf Coast University. Broadly interested in the intersection of gender and politics, she has incorporated these concerns into her own research. In 2014, she received a grant from the National Science Foundation to conduct research on civil conflict. Working with data from USAID’s Demographic and Health Surveys, she analyzed the relationship between women’s domestic status and the likelihood of war and conflict. Her Master’s thesis examined social media data to understand the motivations of Western women who join Daesh, as well as the ways in which these recruits construct their experience. Her interest in women’s rights extends beyond research and into advocacy, and in her spare time she volunteers with several abortion rights organizations.

Megan Funkhouser

Megan Funkhouser | Volunteer Editor | Paris

Growing up in Oregon, Megan learned to appreciate the far-reaching impacts of trade from an early age. She is now pursuing a MA in International Development with concentrations in Defense & Security Economics and Latin America at Sciences Po. Before moving to Paris for graduate school, Megan handled foreign affairs and defense, among other issues, as a Legislative Assistant in the U.S. House of Representatives. She received a BA in International Relations and minored in Economics at the University of Southern California, and studied for one semester in the Department of War Studies at King's College London. Her interests include trade, conflict resolution, international political economy, and inclusive development, especially how institutions can strengthen female participation and representation in policy-making. Follow her on Twitter here.

Nicole Woodworth Centre for Feminist Foreign Policy

Nicole Woodworth | Volunteer Editor | San Francisco

Nicole earned her BA in International Studies with concentrations in History and Economics at Vassar College in New York.  She spent a semester abroad in Paris interning at a human rights and humanitarian law research center with a focus on global migration. After a year of teaching English in Rouen, France, she is now based in the Bay Area and working in education. Her areas of interest include international conflict resolution, U.S. foreign policy, and migration and refugees.  Nicole views intersectional feminism as a critical tool for constructing sustainable foreign policy. Follow her on Twitter here.


Wallis Grant | Volunteer Editor | Amsterdam

Having completed a Bachelors in International Relations at the University of St Andrews, Wallis is currently undertaking an M.Sc in Political Communication at the University of Amsterdam. Her academic interest has always stemmed from feminist analyses of power dynamics and she is particularly interested in how media intersects with gender to shape public opinion on reproductive health. She is currently researching the coverage of the abortion debate in Ireland, and is currently working as a Youth Advocate for CHOICE International for Youth and Sexuality.