CFFP Germany Leadership


Kristina Lunz | Co-Founder and Germany Director | Berlin

Kristina is CFFP's co-founder and heading the German chapter of CFFP. Previously, she was with the United Nations Development Programme (UNDP) in Myanmar. Before that, Kristina worked for Sisma Mujer - a Colombian local women’s rights NGO - on the inclusivity of the country’s peace process around the time of the referendum in Bogotá late 2016.

Kristina graduated with distinction from University College London’s School of Public Policy. She did a second master’s at the Oxford Department of International Development in diplomacy. During her time in Oxford she started getting involved in activism and has been campaigning since. Amongst others, she was an advisor to UN Women National Committee Germany on the 'No Means No' campaign to change the German law on sexualised violence and rape. In July 2016 the law was changed making consent the criterion for rape – a milestone for the women’s rights movement. For another grassroots campaign, ‘Against sexualised violence and racism. #Ausnahmslos’, Kristina and her team were awarded a women’s rights prize by a German parliamentary party.

Educational equality and dismantling classism is another of Kristina’s passions. This is mainly inspired by her own story: Making it to Oxford against all odds as a working class girl from the countryside. This has led her to founding ‘Initiative: Augenhöhe’, a mentorship and leadership programme for working-class children from the village.

In addition Kristina has been the research advisor on international arms trade, and international security and female empowerment for the three times Nobel Peace Prize Nominee and founder of numerous NGOs, Dr Scilla Elworthy. She is also a freelance writer and frequently publishes on topics including activism, women’s rights, education, and international politics.

Nina Bernarnding Centre for Feminist Foreign Policy

Nina Bernarding | Deputy Director | Berlin

Nina joined CFFP in early 2018 as Deputy Germany Director. She is a peace support professional specialized in peace mediation and natural resource governance. Over the last years, she has worked with the UN Department of Peacekeeping Operations, GIZ Ethiopia, the UN Development Programme Sudan and Conciliation Resources. In addition to her work at CFFP, Nina works part-time as Project Manager at the Berghof Foundation, supporting and designing high-level dialogue processes in East Africa. Here, she focuses on the question of broadening the participation of women and youth.

Nina graduated with distinction form Heidelberg University in History and Political Science and holds a Master in Conflict, Security and Development from King’s College London.

CFFP Germany Volunteers

Aly Marczynski Centre for Feminist Foreign Policy

Aly Marczynski | Business Operations Volunteer | Berlin

Aly moved to Berlin from New York City after working for the NYC Mayor’s Office of Management and Budget where she oversaw the budget for the Department of Small Business Services. Throughout her studies and career Aly has focused on the intersection of social innovation and gender equality. She has previously assisted with the development of a social innovation incubator for young women with Oxfam’s The Roots Lab project and worked for two years as a Small Business Advisor in the Kyrgyz Republic with the United States Peace Corps. She has also worked with The Hunger Project, Ashoka and many more local non-profit organizations. Aly earned her Master of International Affairs from Columbia University, specializing in Gender and Public Policy. She also holds a BA in International Business Management and Human Services from Western Washington University.

jeanette gusko centre for feminist foreign policy

Jeannette Gusko | Content Strategy and Partnerships Volunteer | Berlin

Jeannette holds a Master degree in Communication Management in Politics and Business from the University of Leipzig and a BA in Business and Communication Studies from the HTW Berlin and in International Relations from the ESC Chambery. Jeannette has been advocating female empowerment and women’s rights since 2010 as a founding member of women in tech network Geekettes. From 2012 to 2017 she lead and supported dozens of anti-oppression campaigns at, including Bring Back our Girls, #nomeansno or the new anti-stalking legislation in Germany. In 2014 she co-founded Campaign Boostcamp, Germany’s first inclusive campaigning & empowerment training that focuses on diversifying the NGO landscape and supporting grassroots activists with essential tools. Jeannette lives in Berlin and works as Regional Manager for GoFundMe, the world’s biggest platform for social crowdfunding. She regularly contributes her campaigning, politics  and policy expertise at conferences and in publications.

Lea Borgerding Centre for Feminist Foreign Policy

Lea Börgerding | Communications and Strategy Volunteer | Berlin

Lea holds an MPhil degree in International Relations from the University of Oxford and a BA in Politics with International Relations from the University of York. Lea first started focusing on women’s human rights issues during an internship at the INGO International Alliance of Women (IAW) which she completed whilst conducting field  research on the Eurozone crisis negotiations in Greece in 2015. After Lea graduated from Oxford in 2016, she first moved to Vietnam where she gained work experience at the German Corporation for International Cooperation (GIZ), amongst others supporting the strategic portfolio management with its gender policy-framework. Lea now lives in Berlin where she works in strategic communications, serves on the editorial board of the IWN, and regularly contributes her expertise on foreign policy to a German politics podcast.

Leonie Schmid Centre for Feminist Foreign Policy

Leonie Schmid | Partnerships Volunteer | Coventry

Leonie recently obtained her BA in International Relations and International Organization from the University of Groningen in the Netherlands. She researched women and war and wrote her thesis on the intersection of gender and culture and its impact on peacebuilding missions in Nepal. She spent her Erasmus Semester in Paris at the Sorbonne IV studying Middle Eastern history, and has also been a board member of the Amnesty International Student Group Groningen. After her studies, she worked with an Egyptian Human Rights NGO in Cairo. Currently, she is part of the Berlin-based peace and demilitarisation campaign: “abrüsten statt aufrüsten.”

Her main interests are humanitarian and public international law, as well as human rights law and its intersection with gender, culture and religion.


Lisa Karoline Ruppel | Events Volunteer | Berlin

Lisa is currently pursuing a Dual Degree Master’s Program in International Affairs between Sciences Po Paris and Freie Universität Berlin. After completing her first year in Human Rights and Humanitarian Action in Paris, she is now studying Political Science in Berlin. Her research interests mostly circle around migration, education, family policy as well as critical perspectives on development and particularly on the intersection of gender with these fields. She received her BA in Cultural Anthropology from Freie Universität Berlin and Université Laval, Québec City.

In the past, Lisa has worked as a coordinator of the civic service program of Zugvögel, interkultureller Süd-Nord-Austausch e.V., an association primarily organizing civic services for young adults from the Global South in Germany as part of the organizing committee of the “International Ethnographic Film Festival of Québec”, and as a member of the queer-feminist association “Garçes Collectif Féministe” at Sciences Po.

Sophie Schäffer Centre for Feminist Foreign Policy

Sophie Schäffer | Partnerships Volunteer | Berlin

Sophie is currently spending her academic year abroad at Sciences Po Lyon. She is pursuing her BA in political science at Freie Universität Berlin, focusing on international relations, international security, peace and conflict, and gender. Sophie previously interned with the Strategic Communication Steering Group at the Federal Foreign Office of Germany, where she learned how German foreign policies are created and communicated. She also completed an international cultural voluntary service “kulturweit” of the German Commission for UNESCO and the Federal Foreign Office of Germany at the Goethe Institute in Bolivia, and experienced how German Foreign Cultural and Educational Policy is implemented abroad. Sophie is an active member of the Green Youth Berlin, where she works on feminist and queer topics.