Call for articles and art

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We’re seeking journal submissions!

The theme of the second edition of our print journal ‘Disrupted’ is ‘post-colonialism and foreign policy’. What does this mean? It could be a post-colonial analysis of Indian Foreign Policy, or it could question how post-colonialism can help us understand Sweden’s Feminist Foreign Policy. Or, maybe it is a post-colonial feminist analysis of the “abortion clause” in American foreign population policy. We welcome all ideas.

We are specifically interested in articles which:

  • Use post-colonialism and feminism to engage with and challenge global power structures
  • Deconstruct the tendency toward Western-dominant foreign policy narratives
  • Discuss how feminist foreign policy can push for equality beyond how Sweden and Canada have utilized it
  • Are led by and incorporate marginalised voices to interrupt mainstream foreign policy ideas
  • Question assumptions about the objectivity of foreign policy
  • Paint the local into a larger global picture

We are also interested in including art, poetry, and other creative forms of
expression to highlight and breakdown similar ideas as listed above. Get creative –
we would love to see what a visual representation of a feminist foreign policy looks
like to you.

To submit an article, please send an abstract of approximately 300 words on the topic (the final article length should be between 800-1200 words) in the body of an email, along with full contact details and links to any previous work.

To submit artwork, please send a description of the proposed work in the body of an email or a draft as a PDF, with full contact details. Submission should be sent to Katie Washington ( by Friday 16th March 2018, 5pm
London time with the subject line "Abstract - [Your Name]".
 We will not consider late submissions. All will be notified of the acceptance or rejection of their submission by Friday 23rd March. If submissions are accepted, the first draft must be sent by 27th April, 5pm London time and the final work must be sent by Friday 8th June, 5pm London time.

Interested in getting involved, but aren't a writer or an artist? Not a problem - there are other ways to join the feminist foreign policy movement!

Help us spread the word about our call for submissions by forwarding this email to friends and colleagues, or consider donating toward the production of our print journal. We're an entirely volunteer run organization and all involved with this project donate their time and talent, so even the tiniest donation toward the upkeep of CFFP makes a world of difference.