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Feminist Foreign Policy and Lethal Autonomous Weapons - August 2019

Lethal autonomous weapons (LAWs) are fully autonomous weaponry with no meaningful human interaction once programmed for operation. Based on algorithms and data analysis capabilities, LAWs would determine and fire upon targets entirely independent of human interaction or oversight. The potential for mass human rights violations is rampant, and a feminist foreign policy framework calls for a preemptive ban on these weapons.

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Brexit is a Threat to Human Rights: A Feminist Analysis - July 2019

On 23 June 2016, the UK voted to exit the European Union (EU). It has since sparked a long and grueling political process fraught with uncertainty, instability, and questions about what the future will hold. From racist and Islamophobic narratives underpinning the Vote Leave campaign, to the idealisation of Britain the Empire, to the “glass cliff”, make no mistake: Brexit is a feminist issue.

This briefing is in English.

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The International Consequences of the United States' Domestic Restrictions on Abortion Rights - June 2019

From Alabama to Missouri to Ohio: Over the past few months, an increasing number of US states have passed bills which restrict and/or remove the right to legal and safe abortions. This seriously endangers not just those with uteruses who reside in the US, but puts the life of people across the globe at risk.

This briefing is in English.


Germany on the Security council: Recommendations for a feminist foreign and security policy

Together Centre for International Peace Operations (ZIF) and CFFP Germany have developed 10 recommendations for a feminist and human security-based foreign policy for Germany’s upcoming term on the United Nations Security Council beginning in January 2019. These recommendations are the result of a workshop with 25 experts from a wide range of NGOs, ministries, and other organisations which are eager that Germany continues Sweden’s feminist legacy on the UNSC.

The briefing is in German.

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A Gender Lens on Nuclear Disarmament

Nuclear weapons pose grave threats to the security and well-being of all people, and the risks of nuclear exchange appear to be growing. In the face of threats and policies that are challenging our global safety and security, people are deeply concerned about nuclear weapons and are mobilizing and calling on their policymakers to move away from security paradigms that place nuclear weapons at the centre of policy. 

CFFP views the elimination of nuclear weapons as one of the most pressing social justice and security issues of this generation. The current moment of increased public awareness of nuclear risks represents an exceptional opportunity to call on public pressure and political will to drive change and make progress towards a world free of nuclear weapons. Feminist perspectives on nuclear issues contribute to diversifying the debate on nuclear weapons and challenges established power relations, as it seeks to expose and challenge the gendered identities, power relations, and symbolic systems on which nuclear politics relies.

The briefing is in English.

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Gun Safety in the US

The US is reaching epidemic levels of gun violence, claiming on average 93 lives daily, and yet common-sense federal gun safety measures are rejected at every turn. In the push for smarter gun legislature, we must scrutinize and contextualize gun violence, identifying it as the systemic problem it is. When instances of gun violence occur, and particularly with mass shootings, the narratives constructed around each tragedy are crafted differently according to the race of the assailant, the number of people impacted, and the race and gender of the victims. CFFP calls for a deeper scrutiny around the way that normative and biased ideas about gender and race influence mainstream narratives about gun control and mass shootings.  Such blatantly racist and sexist narratives, encouraged by the gun lobby, fuel extraordinary misperceptions about the harm caused by gun violence and succeed in keeping gun legislation off the table.

The briefing is in English.

Centre for Feminist Foreign Policy UK Detention Centres Brief Advocacy

UK Detention Centres

In light of the recent investigations into deaths, unlawful segregation, and evidence of unjust practices in immigration centres. CFFP calls for scrutiny of the current reliance on immigration detention in the UK. We believe detention is a traumatic and unjust practice that has no place in the asylum process. It is both unjust and inefficient to lock up those who have come to the UK seeking protection and refuge. Those applying for asylum in the UK should be treated with dignity and should be given the opportunity to live in their community while their claims are considered. Prompt action is necessary to afford detainees the protection they need and to give refugees the platforms to speak for themselves and their individual circumstances.

The briefing is in English.